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4 September 2018 | BH ONLINE

SULTAN Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar accompanied Batu Batu Resort director Datuk Chua Jui Leng (left) and Johor Secretary of State Datuk Azmi Rohani (two from right) during the opening ceremony of the Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Center and the launch of the book 'Island Life' in Batu Batu Resort, Middle Island, Mersing. - Photos of Anuar Random Hair


March 18, 2019 | New Straits Times

A new generation of artists tackle environmental issues using technology to innovatively depict the devastating effects of indiscriminate human consumption.

the work or art called Experiencing Beauty by nature-led artist Lucinda Law, visitors will get to see the documentation of the flora and fauna she encountered on her expeditions during her artist-in-residence programme with the environmental scientists at Tengah Island Conservation at Batu Batu, a private resort off Johor, Malaysia that also embraces the principles of sustainability.