Tengah Island Conservation (TIC) is a biodiversity management initiative located on the island’s Long Beach. Founded and partially funded by Batu Batu, TIC is dedicated to the research, rehabilitation and regeneration of our natural environment.



Tengah Island Conservation (TIC) is a non-profit biodiversity management initiative located on Pulau Tengah, an island within the Johor Marine Park, Malaysia. TIC is dedicated to the research, rehabilitation and regeneration of our natural environment. Our systemic and community-driven approach is to conserve and protect flora, fauna and marine ecosystems by informing, inspiring and involving relevant stakeholders, government, biodiversity specialists, the tourism industry, and local community.

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our vision

malaysian ecosystems, full of life and rich in biodiversity, where threatened species and local communities thrive side by side


our mission

to protect and preserve marine and terrestrial biodiversity through scientific research, management, training and outreach. By empowering local communities through education, engagement and employment in conservation projects we will safeguard our environment for future generations.


our goals

healthy ecosystems and protection of flora and fauna

clean and plastic free oceans

a love and understanding for biodiversity and wildlife in the community

sustainable communities - people thriving in harmony with nature


Our Objectives

  • To study, research, asses and monitor the condition of biodiversity.

  • To increase scientific knowledge in order to enhance understanding and conservation of our environment.

  • To manage, protect and restore areas important for conservation – preserving and enriching coral reefs, sea grass beds, beaches, forests and other critical ecosystems and the species which reside within them.

  • To research, monitor and protect the populations of Endangered Green turtles and Critically Endangered Hawksbill turtles and to increase their survival rates through effective management, best practice and awareness.

  • To take measures to assist official efforts for management and conservation of biodiversity.

  • To educate tourists and local communities within the Marine Park on the need for, and importance of, marine and terrestrial conservation.

  • To develop sustainable relationships with local communities and organizations, encouraging eco-tourism practices, sustainable living and conservation of our environment.

  • To empower local communities through education, involvement and employment in biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism projects.

  • To promote partnerships and collaborations between like-minded individuals and organisations.


 why we do what we do…

A quote from Mark Carwardine below summarises our inspiration to do what we are doing at TIC.

“...while nature has considerable resilience, there is a limit to how far that resilience can be stretched. No one knows how close to the limit we are getting. The darker it gets, the faster we’re driving.

There is one last reason for caring, and I believe that no other is necessary. It is certainly the reason why so many people have devoted their lives to protecting the likes of rhinos, parakeets, kakapos, and dolphins. And it is simple this: the world would be a poorer, darker, lonelier place without them.”


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our commitment

At TIC we are committed to taking action towards positive change in the world. We’ve made a voluntary commitment through our projects to support the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: