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This week the Tengah Island Conservation team has partnered with the Meshminds Foundation and welcomed botanical artist Lucinda Law and founding director of to the island. Lucinda’s work is inspired by the beauty of nature and she is collaborating with MeshMinds promoting awareness on sustainability issues through art.

MeshMinds is partnered with UN Environment and uses creative technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Their speciality lies in blending the arts with Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. They are partnering with Lucinda who will be shadowing the TIC team and learning about our projcts and the fragile ecosystems we work with. She’ll be learning about the relationship of life on land, life in the sea and climate change. Lucinda's work will be expressed in Augmented Reality (AR) studio effects at the first immersive art exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. We can't wait to show her our projects and to see what she creates!



“Partnered with UN Environment, The MeshMinds Foundation is a not-for-profit arts organisation that is focused on enabling sustainable development through creative technology. Our vision is to tackle global challenges from an Asian perspective. Our mission is to connect artists with the world’s most socially responsible companies to work on immersive artwork and experiences focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet. We offer each artist the latest technology, training and mentoring to push the boundaries of their medium.” - Meshminds Foundation

Tanya Leibrick