sea turtles

Our team on the ground collect data on endangered Green and critically endangered Hawksbill turtles in an otherwise undocumented and unstudied region and share this openly with governmental agencies, turtle conservation NGOs and academic institutions. Our sea turtle work includes a hatchery, tagging of adults, photo identification and monitoring of local nesting populations.



As hotspots for biodiversity, island ecosystems are unique and special. Our terrestrial work includes the monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity, vegetation mapping, coastal erosion profiling and habitat restoration.

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marine ecosystems

TIC runs a wider marine conservation programme which includes coral reef mapping of the Johor Islands, coral reef surveys and monitoring, reef restoration and underwater clean-ups.



TIC is working on various community projects including the PEDAS Schools Initiative, Training of Trainer Events and projects to support communities with sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure. We work in collaboration with local NGOs and authorities like the Johor Marine Park and District Council.


marine debris & pollution

We are working to combat marine debris and organise beach and underwater cleanups on a weekly basis. In 2018 alone we collected over 10 tonnes of marinede debris. TIChas been a member of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative since 2018.


SUSTAINABILITY & sustainable tourism

Our team also provide expert advice and suuport on sustainability for businesses, communities and the tourism sector. We support Batu Batu Resort on it’s sustainability policies and environmental management, as well as guidance on ethical interactions and limiting impacts on nature and wildlife.


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